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Hi, I'm Holly!

I am a web developer who loves to create beautiful custom user experiences using content management systems. I am passionate about brand identity and building a platform that reflects the core values of a business or brand.
I earned my Bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University studying a mixture of media, arts, and engineering. This allowed me to gain experience in a variety of fields applicable to the the web design process including programming, computer science, and user experience design.

During 2020, I focused my time diving deeper into the WordPress platform and writing custom CSS and HTML. I am always learning whether it's on LinkedIn Learning, reading yet another book, or taking a university course on EdX. Luckily, web development provides an endless amount of learning opportunites. Every project and every client provides me with new skills which is just one of the many reasons I love it.

Outside of the web, I love to travel everywhere, read everything, play video games, and create artwork. (Art Website coming soon.) I'm also an active member of my local theater company, which of course includes maintaining their website.

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