Website Maintenance

Let me give your site some love

Chances are your website is in WordPress.  And chances are you don’t log in to your site once a week to make sure all those update notifications get resolved in a timely manner.  It’s true, most of us forget that our website needs a little care once in a while to keep it working for us and not against us.  Your website is really your most valuable employee when you treat it right.

WebCare Basic

Great for existing websites
$ 34
  • Weekly Plug-in/Theme Updates
  • Spam Removal
  • Monthly Speed Tests
  • Tech Troubleshooting

WebCare + Hosting

Best value for new websites!
$ 75
  • Weekly Plug-in/Theme Updates
  • Spam Prevention/Removal
  • Bi-Monthly Speed Tests
  • Tech Troubleshooting
  • Daily Backups
  • Website Hosting
  • SSL Certification
  • Premium Plug-In Licenses*

*All Your Subscriptions in One Payment

Want to know the value of a website maintenance package? With the WebCare + Hosting plan, all your yearly plug-in/themes/subscription costs are included!  This option is the best for new sites. 

website maintenance security updates

Security Updates

Some plug-in updates are necessary to install immediately.  They include security patches that fix newly discovered vulnerabilities in the software.  I keep on top of these updates and install security updates outside of regular weekly updates to keep your website secure. 

Complimentary Site Audit

If it’s been some time since you’ve last looked at your site, there are probably things that could use a little upgrading.  With the start of a WebCare plan, I provide a website audit to see if there are any performance improvements we can make.  This includes things like:

  • Image Optimization
  • Proper HTML Page Markup
  • Search Engine Indexing
  • 404 Errors
  • …and more

Also need to make content updates?

Bundle your website maintenance package with a monthly web retainer and save!