About WordPress Developer hollyanneink, llc

Who is Holly?

Hi, I’m Holly, a Phoenix-based WordPress web developer and the founder/owner of hollyanneink, LLC.  My business began in November of 2020 when the biggest trend I saw was the large number of people starting up a small business.  The pandemic gave lots of people the courage to try something new, to try making a living apart from big companies, myself included. My entire year had been devoted to studying up on everything I could to get hired into a website project management job.  When I couldn’t find the right position at an agency, I decided to take the plunge and create the position myself. Now I’m helping others who took the same plunge.-based

My passion for travelling fuels my desire to make this business work.  When I’m not on my laptop at home, you can probably find me on my laptop in a hammock in Costa Rica or a café in Spain.  The best part of working on websites is the ability to help business owners anywhere in the world.  My passion for helping others succeed fuels my desire to do the best work possible.  I love to study up on new techniques, tools, and designs so I can stay up-to-date with trends in the industry.

Why hollyanneink?

Hollyanneink was a name I decided on as a future business for selling my artwork. Holly Anne being my name and “ink” to signify the mediums I enjoy using in my art.  When I decided to launch my web business, I liked the duality of ink also representing digital ink like the words you are reading now on the screen.  

Why WordPress?

I love the toolbox of digital products I’ve built up that I use to create websites.  The main product is WordPress and about 40% of websites on the internet use WordPress too.  The vast adoption of WordPress in the web development community means that we have more products and services available for use in our toolbox that are always being updated and improved.

Developers for other content management systems like to point out that WP often comes with security issues but the truth is, if you are keeping everything up-to-date and put the right safety protocols in place, you really aren’t going to have any issues. Especially if you are paired up with a good hosting provider like, my personal favorite, Flywheel.  WordPress lets me create a great foundation that I can pass off to client for easy management later on. I’m proud to be a WordPress web developer.

Have more questions?

Send me an email at holly@hollyanneink.com